Новости образования/Știri Principale

Gianina Vulpe: Premiul 3, edUKation 2014

Новости образования/Știri Principale

Hello everyone!

I am Gianina Vulpe. It’s been no longer than a month since I got back from Switzerland. How and why did I get there? One day sometime in March, while I was futilely surfing the web I came across a piece of information on EdUKation, a contest organized by EXCEL. It was devised into 2 main sections: Science and English Language, and because science is far from being my ‘cup of tea’, I decided to try my luck with the latter. It was about a month later when I realized I had chosen my battles well. After undergoing a series of tests that were, no doubt, as exciting as tests can get, I found myself reading an email in which I was warmly congratulated for being the third place winner in the above-mentioned contest.

As for a prize, I was to spend a whole month at a summer-school nowhere but in the very heart of Switzerland, in the absolutely magnificent city of Lucerne. The school that ‘agreed’ to take me under its wing was the IMI University, one of the best ranking universities in the world in Hotel Management and Hospitality.
Funny thing: the courses for my summer school didn't start until September, and truth be told, the more I waited, the more inpatient I got. However, the prolonged wait made me cherish every single one of my moments in Switzerland even more.

At IMI I was included in a Certificate course in Hotel Management (Certificate being the 1st out of 4 steps on the way to Higher Diploma). Calling the teachers at IMI ‘extraordinary’ would be an understatement: they all were dedicated, knowledgeable and very approachable. Don’t even get me started on the students from IMI: the friendliest group of people one could imagine. With people coming from all over the world: from Venezuela to Bangladesh, from Canada to Indonesia and from Ghana to…well… Moldova, the university had an international feel. No matter how paradoxical this might sound, it was all the differences that united us in the first place and it was the internationalism of the school that made it feel like home.

I could go on and on and on about how amazing my September in Switzerland was; or about how much fun was it going to an adventure park all the way in Germany; or about how much I had to learn from the teachers and the super interesting classes that they taught; or about my newest friends with whom I still keep in touch… But I will not. Instead, I will encourage you not to take my word for it. Next year, dare! Participate in the contest, win and see for yourself!

Excel can truly open new doors for you. That’s only if you are daring enough to knock.

Best of wishes,
Gianina Vulpe

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